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Tuesday, 02 September 2014

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Contributed by Mesia Ilomo, University of Dar es Salaam   
Monday, 09 December 2013 00:00

altA group of 25 lecturers, PhD candidates and Master’s students in international trade and international business, honed their skills on the use of the Stata software for trade analysis and the gravity model during a Vi workshop funded by the One UN Fund for Tanzania at Vi core member, University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) Business School. Delivered by Vi economist, Cristian Ugarte, the training took place December 2-5.

We are very happy to receive this unique kind of training. It is important for the participants, for the students in their academic research work, the policymakers in making effective and efficient use of data, academia in improving the quality of teaching, research and consultancies, and the country at large.

“Developing countries need more training on trade and development,” said Master’s in International Trade (MIT) student, Joyce Kimey. “This UNCTAD workshop on trade empirics using Stata should be used as an opportunity for countries like Tanzania to do analysis, especially in trade, and come up with new ideas and solutions for the development of trade and economic growth.”

Limited use of data is one of the critical problems facing policymakers and the academia in Tanzania. This is because of lack of relevant training like what we have had through this workshop.

“Our scientific age demands that we provide definitions, measurements and statistics in order to be taken seriously,” said Isidore Minani, PhD Candidate at UDSM and Assistant Lecturer at Ruaha University College. “This workshop was not only an empowerment to meet this demand, but also a laser light to the world of trade empirics.”

Participants have been able to acquire important skills on handling statistical software and different angles in analyzing data for their research work. They recommend similar training in the future to accommodate those who were not able to attend this training.

“Learning about trade empirics is critical for us to evaluate the East African Community integration process, since without conducting a relevant test, there is no way we can realize the benefits of the EAC,” commented Elias Peter Bagumhe, Principal Economist at the Ministry of East African Cooperation.

Generally, there are plenty of data that remain unused or under used in Tanzania. Most policy recommendation lack scientific justification, and are based on logical connections and arbitrary decisions.

“Stata is so powerful! It does so many things in data analysis and interpretations,” exclaimed Master’s in International business student, David Hinjo.My knowledge on data analysis, interpretation and presentation of results has widened after attending this workshop.

“Before, I had a narrow mind set regarding data analysis, interpretation and presentation of results. It is my hope that my research work is going to significantly improve”

This training is a starting point to improve the quality of research in higher learning institutions. Involvement of academic staff members from different institutions provides some chances that the knowledge and skills is shared with fellow staff members is transferred to students.

“Stata has become a central part of trade data analysis both for educational and research purposes,” concluded MIT student, Josephat Magita Fredy. “Periodic workshops are needed to equip students and researchers with hands-on skills to enable them to produce credible results in their academic papers and research.”

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#2 NASIBU R. MRAMBA 2014-01-21 16:36
It was a very interesting course! We expect to see more from you. Thank you very much UNCTAD
#1 Isidore Minani 2014-01-19 09:17
After the training on Stata,I come to realize that nothing is particularly hard, if you divide it into small jobs. The most tremendous experience of life is the learning process. The saddest time is when a person thinks that he has learned enough.Thank you Cristian UGARTE.

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