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In order to reach a wider range of persons interested in training on trade and development issues at a lower cost, the Vi started to offer online courses in 2012. 

Currently, the Vi offers courses on trade and poverty, non-tariff measures classification and data collection, and trade and gender.
The courses consist of multimedia lectures featuring international experts experts and supporting materials, such as readers and selected literature. Each course  also includes an online forum, as well as quizzes and exercises.
Participants benefit from tutoring by  UNCTAD experts. Those successfully completing the courses receive a certificate of completion and access to follow-up opportunities.
The number of participants selected to attend each specific edition of the course is limited in order to ensure appropriate support throughout the course. 
More information about the courses is available below.
Title Created Date Author Hits
Fellowships 17 June 2015 Susana Olivares Hits: 28067
Videoconferences 12 March 2012 Vlasta Macku Hits: 13228
Networking 12 March 2012 Vlasta Macku Hits: 13354
Study tours 12 March 2012 Vlasta Macku Hits: 16403
Curricular advice 12 March 2012 Susana Olivares Hits: 14252
Workshops 05 February 2008 Vi Staff Hits: 25787
Professional Development Workshops 02 April 2007 Vlasta Macku Hits: 218365