A Practical Guide to
Trade Policy Analysis

This book is the outcome of joint work by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development and the Secretariat of the World Trade Organization. Its six chapters have been written collaboratively by academics and the staff of the two organizations.

The volume aims to help researchers and interested policymakers to learn, or to update their knowledge of, quantitative economic methods and data sources for trade policy analysis. It is predicated upon the conviction that good policy needs to be backed by good analysis. By bringing together the most widely used approaches for trade policy analysis in a single volume, the book allows the reader to compare and select the best suited methodologies to address the question at hand. 

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This practical guide is targeted at economists with basic training and some experience in applied
research and analysis. More specifically, on the economics side, a basic knowledge of international
trade theory and policy is required, while on the empirical side, the prerequisite is familiarity with
work on databases and with the use of STATA® (10 and above) software.

Before extracting STATA do files and datasets please read and follow the instructions contained in "How to use the application and exercise files."