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About the university: The Istanbul Commerce University was founded in 2001 by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, Educational and Social Services Foundation, and is one of the first non-profit private universities in Turkey. ICU counts with 300 faculty members, and a student body of 7,000. It currently offers undergraduate, graduate and PhD programs, and contributes to the academic field through national and international research and projects. It also releases hundreds of academic publications each year. The university also offers exchange programs to its own students and students from abroad. The main focus of the university is to provide its students with an internationally focused education without ignoring real-life practice.

Areas of expertise: Research is undertaken through several ICU research centres, namely the EU Research Center; Neighbouring Countries Relations' Research Center; International Center for Cultural Industries, Creative Economy and Creative Cities; Leadership and Entrepreneurship Research Center; Economic Research Center; and the International Trade Research Center, set up in cooperation with the Turkish Eximbank and the Turkish Exporters Assembly. Among the topics researched are bilateral and regional trade of Turkey; corporate social responsibility; globalization; macroeconomic and international economic policies; industrial policy; tourism services; effects of commodity/oil price shocks; economic integration; the relationship between FDI, export and economic growth; effects of exchanges rates on exports and imports of emerging countries; and gender effects of the global economic crisis.

Courses offered: Several faculties and schools, as well as research centres within the university, work on trade and development-related topics. The Faculty of Management (encompassing Departments of International Trade; Economics; Banking and Finance; and Management), and the Faculty of Human and Societal Sciences (with its Department of International Relations) deliver undergraduate programmes in their areas of specialization. Graduate and PhD programmes related to trade and development are offered by various ICU institutes. The Institute of International Trade provides Turkish and English-language MAs in international trade, Turkish and English-language MAs in commercial diplomacy, an MA in Global Marketing and Brand Management, and an MA in International Trade and the EU Law, as well as PhD programmes in International Trade, and in Internat?onal Trade and the EU Law. Relevant courses are also taught by the Institute of Finance and the Institute of Social Sciences.