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Universidad de Chile - Instituto de Estudios Internacionales
Av. Condell 249, Providencia<br>
Casilla 14187 - Suc. 21<br>
Santiago de Chile 7500753<br>

Phone: (56-2) 4961200<br>
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About the university: Founded in 1966, the Institute of International Studies of the University of Chile is an autonomous educational and research center in the field of international relations, covering political, legal, economic and historical spheres. It was one of the first centers in Latin America to dedicate itself specifically to international studies.

The majority of the 26 professors and two assistants have international graduate degrees from various countries and a significant percentage have worked in governmental and diplomatic positions. Others have backgrounds in the private sector, providing a combination of practical, theoretical and international experience to their research and classroom.

The institute conducts an intensive research program, international seminars, national conferences, colloquia and publications. The quarterly "Estudios Internacionales" has been published since 1967.

Approximately one third of the students come from foreign countries.

Areas of expertise:
International Trade
Trade Policy
Institutional Economics
Trade negotiations
Multilateral and Regional Trade Agreements

Courses offered: The Institute of International Studies offers two postgraduate programmes in the field of international studies: Magister in International Studies, and Master of Laws in International Law, Investments, Trade and Arbitration.

Other specialized courses include:

- WTO Regional Trade Policy Course for Latin America
- International Trade Courses in the Master´s Program on International Studies at the Institute of International Studies.
- Diploma programmes on International Trade Negotiations.
- Capacity building training courses in various countries