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RWANDA - University of Kigali

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About the university: Founded in 2013, the University of Kigali (UOK) is a fast-growing private institution with a staff of 40 and a student body of over 3,000. The mission of UOK is to provide quality higher education, and enable graduates to compete effectively in the national and international labour markets. 

Areas of expertise: UOK’s first research journal was published in 2015. Its research agenda and themes are at the conceptual stage. However, academic staff has undertaken research in economics, business administration and management, focusing on FDI, regional integration and trade, macroeconomics, energy and resource economics, and poverty eradication, among others.

Courses offered: The university offers Bachelor's programmes in economics, business administration, information and communication technology, and law, as well as Master's programmes in economics (with specialization in international economics, money and banking, and in international trade), business economics, applied business economics, and law. New Master's programmes in international cooperation and development, and in the field of statistics, tourism management, and data communication and cyber security are in advanced stages of development. Plans are also under way to start PhD programmes.