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VIETNAM - Foreign Trade University

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Coordinator: Hoang Nam VU
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Foreign Trade University (FTU), Hanoi
91 Chua Lang Street
Lang Thuong, Dong Da

Phone: +84-4-834 53 59
Fax: +84-4-834 36 05

Website: http://www.ftu.edu.vn

About the university: The Foreign Trade University was established in 1960 and since then evolved into a multi-disciplinary institution with a variety of academic and research programmes. Its mission is to prepared qualified human resources for international trade and develop research that would meet the specific requirements and needs of a transitional economy.

Areas of expertise:
FTU has been conducting research for the government on issues such as foreign trade, international relations, international investment, technology transfer, law, environment and economic development. It also provides services to the business sector on international marketing, international finance, export/import practices, freight forwarding, insurance, and electronic commerce.

Courses offered:
BA Degree in Economics (Majors: International Economics and International Trade)

BA in International Business Administration (Majors: International Business and International Business Law)

BA in International Finance
BA in Business English

BA in Business Chinese

BA in Business Japanese

BA in Business French

MA in World Economy and International Economic Relations

MA in International Trade

MA in Business Administration

MA in International Business Law (in French)

MA in Project Management (in French)

MA in Interntional Business (in English)
Ph.D in World Economy and International Economic Relations