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ARGENTINA - Latin American School of Social Sciences

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Coordinator: Valentina DELICH
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Latin American School of Social Sciences (FLACSO), Buenos Aires
Ayacucho 551
Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires

Phone: 5411-52389438
Fax: 5411-43751373

Website: http://www.flacso.org.ar
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About the university: FLACSO is a Latin American University, which was created in 1956 under the initiative of UNESCO. It now has faculties in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Each faculty functions autonomously but they all award degrees under the auspices of FLACSO. FLACSO-Argentina offers graduate degree programs in the social sciences with the following specializations: political science, sociology, social sciences and education, history, and international relations. FLACSO Argentina is not only perhaps the most prestigious university in International Relations in Latin America; it is also an influential think tank.

Areas of expertise: International Trade (WTO); Regionalism (Mercosur); Global Governance; Trade in Services; Special and Differential Treatment; Dispute Settlement; International Trade Law; Integration of Latin America into the world trade system; The distributional effects and implications of trade agreements; Market access in the FTAA.

Courses offered:

  • Master Program in International Relations and Negotiations (joint MA Programme offered by FLACSO and the University of San Andres in association with the University of Barcelona (Spain)
  • The Political Economy of International Trade (postgraduate course)
  • International Economics (postgraduate course)
  • Globalization and Global Order: postgraduate course, University of Buenos Aires
  • Masters in Intellectual Property and Competition (2006)
  • Masters in Social Sciences
  • Masters in Design and Management of Social Public Policies