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FRANCE - Pierre Mendès France University - Department of Economics, Grenoble

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Pierre Mendès France University - Department of Economics, Grenoble
UFR "Economie, Stratégies, Entreprise"
Boîte Postale 47
Grenoble-Cedex 9 38400

Phone: 33476-82 57 36
Fax: 33476-82 59 95

Website: http://web.upmf-grenoble.fr/sceco/

About the university: The Pierre Mendes University provides training for graduate and post-graduate students in economics at the Master and PhD levels.

Areas of expertise:
Energy and environmental policies
Climate change
TNC strategies
Global governance
Sustainable development

Courses offered:
Undergraduate degrees

Global Masters in Strategy of Actors in the International Economy (Economie Internationale et Strategies d'Acteurs - EISA) with 9 specializations, including
- Research Masters in International Economics and Politics (EPI)
- Professional Masters in Governance of Organizations for International Development (GODI)
- Human Resources and International Competitiveness (RHCI)
- Diagnostic of Firms in an International Context (DEFI)
- Research Master in Economic and Social Policies (PES)
- Research and Professional Master in European Studies (in cooperation with the Institute of Political Studies of Grenoble)

PhD degrees