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Carleton University - Centre for Trade Policy and Law (CTPL), Ottawa
Dunton Tower, 21st flour
Ottawa K1S 5B6 - Ontario

Phone: 1613-520-6696
Fax: 1613-520-3981

Website: http://www.ctpl.ca

About the university: A Canadian think tank promoting international excellence in international trade policy training and research. CTPL works closely with civil society organizations, the private sector and governments in developing countries. It also collaborates with international organizations such as the WTO.
CTPL has established Centres for Trade Policy and Law in several countries of the former Soviet Union and is involved in capacity building projects in Asia, Caribbean countries and in Latin America. In each country, CTPL collaborates with governments and public institutions.

Areas of expertise: Trade Policy, Canada-US Trade Relations, NAFTA and other Regional Trade Agreements, Trade and Investment, WTO Implementation, WTO Accession

Courses offered:
  • Short seminars in trade policy issues for professionals
  • Two-day training courses on Canada and the International Trading System and on U.S. trade politics
  • Customized training courses
  • Certificate programme in Trade Policy and Commercial Diplomacy (six-week course for professionals that covers main issues of trade negotiations: Trips, SPS measures, Trade in services, trade facilitation.
  • An Advanced Certificate Program in Trade Policy and Commercial Diplomacy (for graduates of the certificate programme in trade policy and commercial diplomacy and professionals; deals with WTO dispute settlement, trade policy coordination and trade negotiations.