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BARBADOS - The University of the West Indies

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The University of the West Indies
Cave Hill Campus
St. Michael

Phone: 1 246-417 45 85
Fax: 1 246-425 13 48

Website: http://www.shridathramphalcentre.org

About the university:

The University of the West Indies (UWI) has launched a Masters in International Trade Policy (MITP) at their Cave Hill campus. Its mission is to offer a unique programme offering comprehensive training in critical areas of trade policy theory and practice, with the context of Caribbean needs and realities.

Areas of expertise:

Small developing economies
Caribbean economies
International Negotiations and Advocacy

Courses offered:

The University of the West Indies has 3 campuses: Mona (Jamaica), Cave Hill (Barbados) and St Augustine (Trinidad and Tobago). The Shridath Ramphal Centre is located in Barbados at the Cavehill Campus and falls under the oversight of a special committee managed through the Faculty of Social Science.

The following degrees are offered by the Faculties of Social Sciences:
Undergraduate degrees in Economics, Statistics, Banking & Finance, International Relations
MSc/MPhil/PhD in Economics
MSc/MPhil/PhD in International Relations
MSc in International Economics and International Law (in collaboration with the Faculty of Law)
Masters in International Trade Policy (launched in 2004)