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AZERBAIJAN - Azerbaijan State Economic University

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Coordinator: Shahin Bayramov
Member type: Core University Members
Member since: 11/01/2011


Azerbaijan State Economic University (ASEU)  
Istiglaliyyet str.
Baku, Arzebaijan

Phone: +994 (12) 49 260 43
Fax: +994 (12) 49 259 40

Website: http://www.aseu.az

 About the university:

Azerbaijan State Economic University is a public university located in Baku, Azerbaijan. Founded in 1930, ASEU provides undergraduate and graduate programmes to a student body of more than 15,000. Research areas include future development prospects of Arzebaijan and its integration into the world economy, the impact of WTO accession on different sectors of the national economy, regional integration and cooperation perspectives, and the Arzebaijani model of sustainable socio-economic development.

 Areas of expertise

  • Globalization challenges

  • Development strategies

  • Economics of international trade

  • International trade relations

  • International economic law

  • Foreign Direct Investment

  • Science and technology

  • Enterprise competitiveness

  • Trade logistics

  • Information and Communication Technologies for Development


Courses offered::

Vocational courses (short courses for policy-makers and professionals; non-degree courses)

Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees in various areas of economics, international trade,  international finance, foreign direct investment, regional integration, and global sustainable development.