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CZECH REPUBLIC - Metropolitan University Prague (MUP)

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Coordinator: Tereza Nemeckova
Member type: Core University Members
Member since: 24/03/2011


Metropolitan University Prague (MUP)

Dubecska 900/10

100 00 Prague 10 – Strasnice


Website: http://www.mup.cz


About the university: MUP is a private universities in the Czech Republic created in 2001. The University offers study programmes in the areas of international territorial relations, legal specializations, and international economic relations in Czech and English. It offers Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral degrees. MUP operates in Prague and in three regional centres in Pilsen, Liberec and Hradec Králové.

Areas of expertise: International Trade - analysis of changes of structures of Asian economies and its reflection in international trade, as well as its trade relations with Czech Republic; Industrial Law - the Department of Industrial Law is closely cooperating with national experts and with experts from World Intellectural Property Organization (WIPO). MUP also serves as a WIPO depository library in the Czech Republic. The main focus in research currently lies in Czech (and European) patent law, especially in relationship with the expansion of Czech foreign trade.

Courses offered: Bachelor courses in international business; Bachelor courses in industrial law; Master courses in regional studies and international business; Master courses in international and regional relationships in Industrial law; PhD study programme in international and regional relationships in Industrial law.