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University American College Skopje (Macedonia)
School of Business Economics and Management
III Makedonska brigade 60
1000 Skopje

Phone/Fax: 3892-246-3156

Website: http://www.uacs.edu.mk

About the university: The University American College Skopje (UACS) was established in 2005 as a private university in Macedonia with the mission of providing excellence in higher education and in all its areas of activity by combining the best European and American educational standards and practices. The university seeks to develop as a research and applied research facility, and to participate in the new European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and in the European Research Area (ERA).UACS maintains a privileged relationship with the private sector and NGO communities to better serve them as an educational and training resource and to ensure the proper preparation of students entering the working world. Through joint academic programs and degrees, the university fosters leadership, service and international understanding in local, regional and global communities. The university provides a variety of different academic disciplines - from Business, Economics, Law, Political studies and Architecture to IT and foreign languages. The University currently has about 100 employed teaching and research staff, out of which about 40 are of the School of Business Economics and Management.

Areas of expertise: The University provides courses and conducts research in the following areas: Macro-economic policies, foreign direct investment, International financial system, Economics of international trade, Regional/bilateral trade agreements and Trade and poverty. It offers its courses in its vocational, undergraduate and graduate programmes. Furthermore, at the School of Business Economics and Management a group of researchers concentrates on "trade and development" issues, such as the analysis of trade and free trade agreements, integration, monetary policy, and employment with a specific focus on the Southeastern European region and the European Union.

Courses offered: The School of Business Economics and Management offers an undergraduate degree with specializations in business administration, management, marketing, finance, and economics. UACS also offers a Master of Arts in management and an MBA programme. The school intends to develop a Master's programme in trade and development in the future.