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UKRAINE - Kyiv National Economic University

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Kyiv National Economic University - Faculty of International Economics and Management
54/1 Prospect Peremogy
Kiev 03057

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Website: http://kneu.edu.ua/en/

About the university: It is the University's Mission to contribute to the development of the society by means of the scientific research, the generation and the dissemination of the new knowledge, and the training of competitive specialists and creative personalities.

More than 36,000 students study in KNEU.Only in the main institution, they are taught by:

  • 8 full and corresponding members of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and sectoral academies
  • more than 127 professors and doctors of science
  • 507 candidates of science and associate professors.

The Faculty of International Economics and Management was founded in 1992. The Faculty o is one of the largest and most popular faculties in the University. The accumulated experience, the professionalism of teachers and employees, the dynamic development, the real domestic and international competitiveness of graduates permitted the faculty to become a leading centre for the training of the national human resources in the field of the international business and law. The Faculty provides a full cycle of training and re-training of international relations experts, researchers and teachers: bachelors, masters, PhDs and ScDs in Economics. There are almost 3,400 students at the Faculty. The research and educational/methodological support to the teaching process at 9 departments of the Faculty is provided by 174 teachers, including 18 ScDs, 20 professors, 57 associate professors and 62 PhDs.

Area of Expertise: Complex research at the Faculty is currently carried out in the following areas:

- competitiveness of national economy in conditions of globalization; resources and models for global economic development; international economy, trends and laws of its development; national economies in the contemporary international economy system and models of their development; resources of the international economic development and the specialisation of countries of the world; the evaluation of the system of international economic relations; theories of the international trade and their modern modification;forms and methods of the international trade and economic exchange;international trade policy and commercial diplomacy;the status, trends, development prospects of the world market of goods and services; the motivation and forms of the international flows of capital; foreign direct investments and international production; foreign portfolio investments and world stock market; global problems and challenges of the economic development; development of global markets and mechanisms of the operation thereof.

Courses offered:

- Bachelor’s Program in International Economics; International Business; International Economic Relations.

- Master’s Programs in: International Business Management, International Investments Management, International Trade,  International Accounting and Auditing; Management of the International Competitiveness; European Integration.     

- PhD Program in World Economy and International Economic Relations;

- Doctorate Program