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GHANA - University of Cape Coast

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University of Cape Coast
University Post Office,
Cape Coast

Phone: +233 3321 32440
Fax: +233 3321 32484

Website: http://ucc.edu.gh

About the university: First established as a college in 1962, the University of Cape Coast (UCC) became a full-fledged university in 1971. Its enrolment has grown from an initial 155 students to the current 35,922. Organized into eight faculties, UCC maintains an academic staff of 524.
UCC’s objective is to provide quality education through the provision of programmes that challenge learners to be creative, innovative and morally responsible citizens. It provides teaching, research and outreach that respond effectively to the development needs of a changing world.

Areas of expertise:

  • Trade  and poverty
  • Revenue implications of trade liberalization
  • Corporate tax, competition and FDI
  • South-South FDI and North-South FDI

Courses offered: The Department of Economics offers undergraduate and graduate programmes in economics, featuring courses on international trade theory and policy and international finance and open-economy macroeconomics, among others.