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BANGLADESH - Jagannath University

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Jagannath University

10-11 Cittaranjon Avenue

Website: http://www.jnu.ac.bd/

Phone: +880 2711 9731
Fax +8802-7113752

About the university: Jagannath University (JNU) is a public institution in Dhaka whose history dates back to 1858, when the first Dhaka Brahma School was founded. Since then, the school has gone through several changes in its name and status before transforming into a university in 2005. Currently, it hosts 28 departments under four faculties. With a student body of  27,000, JNU employs an academic staff of 270.

Areas of expertise: The Department is dedicated to the advancement of learning and is committed to promote research in all areas in Economics including trade, investment and development-related issues. In addition, the faculty of Social Science publishes a yearly research journal, The Jagannath University Journal of Social Science, with active contribution from the economics department.

Courses offered: The Department of Economics, under the Faculty of Social Sciences, offers undergraduate (BSS honours) and graduate (MSS) programmes in Economics, with courses oneconomics of agriculture, industry, international trade and development as well as on regional/bilateral agreements and macroeconomics.