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TOGO - Université de Lomé

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Coordinator: Anani Nourredine Mensah
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University of Lomé
Faculty of Economics and Management
BP 1515 Lomé

Tel: +228 22 21 35 00
Fax: +228 22 21 85 95

Website: http://www.univ-lome.tg/

About the university: The University of Lomé (UL) is the largest university in Togo. It was originally founded in 1970 as “University of Benin.” UL comprises five faculties, six schools and three institutes.

Areas of expertise:  The Faculty of Economics and Management (Faculté des sciences économiques et sciences de gestion, FASEG) has established a centre for training and research in economics and management. Its current research topics include trade in services, regional integration and political economy of economic growth.

Courses offered: The faculty offers undergraduate programmes in economic analysis and policy, international economics and development economics, as well as Master's programmes in international economics and development economics. FASEG’s curriculum includes courses on microeconomics, international trade and economics, natural resources, economic development, monetary economy, economic growth, regional economy. In the future, one of the faculty’s aims is to develop a PhD research programme in the area of international economics.