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College of Europe 
Dijver 11
Bruges, 8000,

Phone: +32 50 47 72 27
+32 50 47 72 25

Fax: +32 50 47 72 20

Website: https://www.coleurope.eu/

About the university: The College of Europe is the world’s first university of postgraduate studies and training in European affairs. Its objective is to make postgraduate students understand the political, legal, economic and international core issues, challenges and potentials of the ever changing Europe in order to prepare them for leadership functions in the future. The university fulfills its goal by constantly adapting its programs and the composition of its teaching faculty to European developments. Its faculty is pan-European and the student body comes from over 50 countries around the world.

Areas of expertise: The university specializes in European affairs, particularly the European integration process. The European Economic Studies Department focuses its teaching and research on the economics of the European Union. Its courses combine sound economic analysis with critical in-depth reviews of EU public policies and business strategies.

Courses offered: The European Economic Studies Department offers a Master's degree in European Economic Studies. The program provides courses in European public policies, economics of European integration, macroeconomic environment for European business and the economics and politics of development in Europe.