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MAURITIUS - University of Mauritius

Members: 14 members
Coordinator: Roubina Juwaheer
Member type: Core University Members
Member since: 31/01/2008


University of Mauritius - Centre for Professional Development and Life Long Learning

Phone: 230 454 10 41/74 33 86 88
Fax: 230 465 69 77

Website: http://www.uom.ac.mu/

About the university: The mission of the University of Mauritius is to provide an efficient and effective service to the community through quality teaching, research, consultancy and extension services, consistent with national goals and policies, supportive of regional thrusts and orientations, and in conformance with international norms and standards. In achieving its mission, the University is committed to prepare students for an increasingly complex social and technological world and to improve the well-being of the people of the Republic of Mauritius.
The University of Mauritius, based in a small-island-state, seeks to be a university of international standing and a leading institution in the region.
Areas of expertise: Humanities, International Trade, Management Finance, Agriculture, Distance learning-tutoring. The University of Mauritius, in collaboration with other members from the Small Island State Universities Consortium (as the Universities of Malta, of the South Pacific, of thte West Indies and of the Virgin Island), is about to develop a new graduate programme on sustainable development in small islands. The project should be completed by 2010.

Courses offered:
Undergraduate degrees in Economics, Management, International Relations
MSc in International Trade and Economic Diplomacy
MSc in International Trade and Business
MSc in Financial Economics
MSc. in Small Islands Developing States Studies (under preparation in cooperation among universities members of the Small Island States Universities Consortium)