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University of Asia and the Pacific
Pearl Drive, Ortigas Center 
Pasig City 1605
Phone: (+63) 637 0912 to 26
About the university: The University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P) is a private, not-for-profit institution of higher learning that provides a combination of liberal education and professional specialization. UA&P began in 1967 as the Center for Research and Communication, a think tank conducting research and offering graduate courses in economics and management. It was awarded university status in 1995, and has since been known as the University of Asia and the Pacific. The university aspires to form professionally competent, creative and enterprising individuals capable of acting as positive agents of change and service to society. 
Areas of expertise: UA&P’s main areas of research include macro-economic policies, economics of international trade, foreign direct investment, multilateral trading system, competition policy, trade and poverty, commodities and international economic law. The university also issues several regular economics-related research publications, such as “The Market Call,” a monthly publication that provides the latest forecasts on the Philippines’ economy.
Courses offered: UA&P offers several undergraduate and graduate degrees including Bachelor's programmes in Economics, Industrial Economics, and Political Economy, as well as Master's programmes in Industrial Economics, Political Economy (with specialization in International Relations and Development), Strategic Business Economics, Applied Business Economics, and Law.