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Stellenbosch University

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About the university:
Stellenbosch University is one of the four top research universities in South Africa. Located in the Jonkershoek Valley in the heart of the Western Cape Winelands, the university was founded in 1866 with 500 students and 39 lecturers. Since then it has grown into an internationally recognized institution of excellence with more than 22,500 students, 800 lecturers and some 50 research and service bodies. Ten percent of its post-graduates are international students.

Considering that Economics has only existed as a general academic discipline at Western universities for some 120 years, the Department of Economics, the Vi’s counterpart at Stellenbosch University, has a fairly long history. In fact, the department is one of the oldest of its kind among all the universities in Africa. The department is dedicated to quality research and teaching with a focus on economic issues pertaining to South Africa and Africa. More than 3000 undergraduate students form part of the department’s undergraduate teaching programmes while more than 100 students are part of its post-graduate programmes, including many students from other African countries.

The department is also one of the leading economics research departments in South Africa and Africa. Policy-oriented research is a central component of the department’s research strategy.

Areas of expertise:
macroeconomics, econometrics, development economics, public finance and international trade.

Courses offered:
Post-graduate courses are offered in all major fields of economics.