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BRAZIL - Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

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Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

Avenida Pedro Calmon, 550, Ilha do Fundão,

Avenida Pasteur, 250, Urca,

Rio de Janeiro, 2290240


Phone: (21) 38735237 (21) 2598 9602

http:// www.ufrj.br

http:// www.ie.ufrj.br

About the university: The University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) was created in 1920 and was restructured in 1937 and in 1966 assumed the present structure gathering many isolated faculties as Medicine, Law, Engineering, Economics and many others faculties and institutes under the  name of UFRJ. Presently  it is the biggest federal university in Brazil. The Institute of Economics was created in 1996 by the fusion of the Institute of Industrial Economics with Faculty of Economics. The majority of professors work full time doing teaching and research in undergraduate and graduate programs.

Areas of expertise: UFRJ has several faculties and institutes in all academic areas of scientific knowledge. Amongst them there are consolidated  expertise in  economics, industrial organization, technical progress, international relations, history and law. All faculties and institutes in these areas have undergraduate and graduate programs and long tradition in research. The   Coordination of Engineering Graduate Program (COPPE) has a very strong specialization in industry innovation, oil and natural resources technology and optimization models. The Faculty of Law, the Institute of Philosophy and Social Science amongst others have graduate programs covering many areas as international relations with particular references  on Latin America countries. The Institute of Economics is one of most important in the country with specialization in industrial organization, economic growth, technical progress,  economics of oil, macroeconomics and political economy. A new graduate program in International Political Economy was recently created in order to develop research in international economy, international political relations and  economic development gathering different specializations from economics, history, political science and law.

Courses offered at the Economy Institute:

  • Economics of Institution

  • Industrial Economics

  • Economics of Innovation

  • Competition and Technical Change

  • Institutional and Evolutionist Economics

  • Exchange Markets and International Capital Flows

  • Theories of Growth and Income Distribution

  • Macroeconomics of Effective Demand

  • Macroeconomics Dynamics

  • Monopoly Regulations

  • Finance Regulation

  • Markets and Financial System

  • International Monetary Systems

  • World System: Power and Capitalist Development

  • Theories of Economic Development

  • Welfare Systems

  • Theories of International Trade and Economic Development

  • Economic History

  • Power and Wealthy Accumulation

  • After Washington Consensus: Globalization and States