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CHINA - Shanghai University of International Business and Economics

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Shanghai University of International Business and Economics
620 Gubei Road,Changning District
Shanghai 200336
P.R. China

Phone: +86-21-5206 7252

Website: http://eng.suibe.edu.cn/

About the university: Founded in 1960, the university's faculty is well grounded in the specialized theories of international business, closely associated with business circles at home and abroad, and richly experienced in teaching. Especially in recent years, the university has fostered an elite group of young and middle-aged teachers, who constantly bring forth new ideas in their work and blaze new trails. They keep close track of achievements in international economy and trade, employ modern educational means, and are competent in bilingual teaching. Since the mid 1990s, the university has been making timely adjustments in its academic disciplines and specialized courses to meet economic and social needs. The university has now fulfilled its upgrade from a mono-disciplined college mainly engaged in the field of foreign trade, to a multi-disciplined higher education institution. It offers comprehensive business courses and possesses competences in commodities trade, service trade, and trade-related intellectual property.

Areas of expertise: Globalization challenges, Foreign Direct Investment, Development strategies, Science and technology, Economics of international trade, Enterprise competitiveness, International trade relations, Trade logistics, International economic law, Information and Communication Technologies for Development.

Courses offered:
Graduate Programs:
• English
• Business English
• Journalism
• Japanese
• French
• Tourism Management
• Convention & Exhibition Economy & Management
• Logistics Management
• Financial Management
• Assets Appraisal
• Finance
• Financial Engineering
• Insurance
• Law
• Administrative Management
• International Politics
• International Economics and Trade
• Business Management
• HR Management
• Accounting
• Auditing
• Marketing
• Economics
• International Business
• Electronic Business
• Statistics
• Information Control and System
Post-graduate Programs
• Finance
• International Trade
• Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics (Including Japanese and English)
• Enterprise Management
• International Law
• Civil Law
• Studies on Marxism
• English Literature
• Juris Master (For Non-law Degree Student)
• Juris Master (For Law Degree Student)