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Universidad Santo Tomás de Aquino
Faculty of International Business
Carrera 18 No. 9 - 27  
PBX 6 800 801

Phone: +5776800801

Website: http://www.ustabuca.edu.co/

About the university: The University of Santo Tomás, founded in 1580 by the Dominicans as the first Colombian university, offers a wide range of programs in four different parts of the country, as well as distance learning. The site at Bucaramanga was created in 1973 and has reached a high recognition in the Colombian northeast since then. The Faculty of International Business offers a number of vocational courses, undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as a one-year post-graduate program in Export Management, focusing on international trade theory, international economic and political environment for business operations, international logistics, international finance, and electronic commerce. The Faculty is a member of the Colombian Network of International Professionals and is affiliated to databases such as the Business Source Complete EBSCO, Euromonitor International and the Global Development Finance Online GDF.

Areas of expertise:
Research projects of the Faculty of International Business comprise the analysis of the export process to the U.S. of the apparel industry in the Santander region, published in the Faculty's journal titled Lebret, the competitiveness of strategic sectors in the Santander region, and the analysis of the auto parts sectors in Chile, Mexico and Costa Rica in the context of free trade agreements with the U.S. and the prospects for Colombia. The university has established a close cooperation with the town hall in Bucaramanga whom it provides research on competitiveness of Santander's main export sectors footwear, apparel and jewelry industries. It also has an office in the free trade zone where it advises entrepreneurs on trends in international markets and other international business topics.

Courses offered:

  • Globalization and development strategies
  • Macro-economic policies
  • International financial system
  • Economics of international trade
  • Multilateral trading system (WTO)
  • Regional/bilateral trade agreements
  • International economic law
  • Trade and environment
  • Foreign direct investment
  • South-South cooperation
  • Enterprise competitiveness
  • Competition policy
  • Trade logistics and facilitation