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COLOMBIA - Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

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Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
Carrera 7 # 40-62
Piso 4to. Edificio Emilio Arango S.J.
Bogotá, 11001000

Phone: +571 3208320

Website: http://www.javeriana.edu.co

About the university: The Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (PUJ) was founded in 1623, making it one of the oldest and most traditional of Colombian universities. It has two campuses, 14 institutes and 18 schools comprising 61 departments. The current academic staff consists of 3,040 with a student body of 22,000. PUJ’s objectives include promoting research and education and strengthening the university’s interdisciplinary nature.

Courses offered: PUJ offers 27 undergraduate and 156 graduate programmes. The Department of Business Administration, under the Faculty of Economics and Management, offers an undergraduate degree in business administration and a graduate programme in international management. Specific courses include globalization, international marketing, international negotiations, corporate social responsibility and international integration of Colombia, among many others.

Areas of expertise: The Javeriana University has 166 research groups enrolled at the National Agency of Science and Technology. In addition, the Faculty of Economics and Management has set up three research groups of their own with focus on:

  • Knowledge, Innovation and Competitiveness
  • Strategic Management and
  • Financial Risks and Methods of Valuation of Enterprises