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SWITZERLAND - The Graduate Institute, Geneva

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Coordinator: Ugo Panizza
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Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies
Rue de Lausanne 132
P.O. Box 136
1211 Geneva 21

Phone: + 41 22 908 57 00
Fax: + 41 22 908 57 10
Website: http://graduateinstitute.ch

About the university: The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, located in Geneva, is an institution of research and higher education concentrating on postgraduate studies. Created in 2007,  the institute is dedicated to the study of world affairs with a particular emphasis on the cross-cutting fields of international relations and development issues. With five academic departments and over fifty professors, the Institute offers seven Master programmes, two of which are interdisciplinary, as well as one PhD programme with six disciplinary specializations. It also offers four LL.M (Master of Laws) programmes including two programmes in partnership with the University of Geneva and one with the Law Faculty of Georgetown University.

 Areas of expertise:

  • International law (public, private)
  • International organisations, UN
  • Migration policies and law
  • Multilateral diplomacy and international negociation
  • NATO and alliance relations
  • Natural resources, extractive economies, commodities
  • Peacekeeping, peacebuilding, reconstruction policy
  • Reconciliation and conflict mediation
  • Redistribution policies, social inequalities, poverty
  • Social Economics (Economie sociale et solidaire)
  • Trade policies and law - WTO
  • Transatlantic relations

Courses offered: IHEID offers graduate programmes in "trade and development" areas, in particular international economics, international law, development studies, international relations and international affairs. PhD programmes include international economics, development economics, international law, and international relations. Additionally, the Institute runs two-week summer and winter programmes focusing on WTO, international trade and development; United Nations and global challenges; and International affairs and multilateral governance.