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COLOMBIA - Universidad de la Salle

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Universidad de La Salle
Carrera 5 # 59A – 44
Bogota, D.C. – Colombia

Phone: +57 1 348 8000            
Fax: +57 1 3472311 – ext 131

Website: http://www.lasalle.edu.co

About the university: Founded in 1964, Universidad de La Salle aims to provide education and generate knowledge to contribute to the economic and social transformation of the country. The university has approximately 14,500 undergraduate students and 740 graduate students who come from different countries around the world.

Areas of expertise: The School of Economics and Social Sciences specializes in sustainable development. Two specialized research groups have been established. The Centre for Development and Regional Studies focuses on development and sustainability; management, information, knowledge and development; and public policy. The research group on Economy and Human Development undertakes research on economic growth, labour economics, institutional and social development, and social security.  

Courses offered: The School offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programmes:  Bachelor's programmes in economics, finance and international business, and in business and international relations, as well as a graduate certificate in finance, and a Master's degree in development studies.