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PAKISTAN - Institute of Business Administration – IBA Karachi

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Coordinator: Aadil Nakhoda
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About the university : The Institute of Business Administration (IBA), established in 1955 in the city of Karachi, aims to be among the best learning institutions in Pakistan, recognized for developing potential leaders, nurturing a vibrant community of scholars and practitioners, generating innovative ideas, and promoting creative solutions that address the needs of the country and the region.


Areas of expertise: Among the research areas covered are international trade and development economics, particularly gender issues, regional trade integration, poverty alleviation in urban areas and the impact of climate change. One major research project is part of the World Bank’s Competitiveness Initiative, focused on international trade. Other projects relate to growth potential, consumer confidence index, impact of climate change on migration in Pakistan, and trade links in emerging markets.


Courses offered: The Institute offers Bachelor's programmes in economics and mathematics, and in business administration, as well as Master's degrees in economics and in business administration, and a PhD in economics. On offer also is a post-graduate diploma in supply chain management. International trade and development economics feature prominently among the courses taught to IBA's undergraduate and graduate students.