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CAMEROON - Pan African Institute for Development West Africa

Members: 15 members
Coordinator: Daisy Tembonga Fonkem
Member type: Affiliate University Members
Member since: 20/10/2015


Pan African Institute for Development West Africa (PAID-WA)
P.O. box 133
Phone: (+237) 243 115 188 / (+237) 233 323 415
About the university: Created in 1969, the Pan African Institute for Development West Africa (PAID-WA) aims at supporting the economic, social and cultural development of African countries through action-oriented research, consultancy advice, and training and capacity development of African officials.
Areas of expertise: PAID-WA is active in development, management activities and capacity building through training, practical field research, technical advisory/consultancy services and publications to address contemporary issues and knowledge gaps. Recent research work covers gender issues in Africa; employment creation; small and medium enterprises; public-private partnerships; business environment and competitiveness; determinants of FDI; oil revenue and development; technology transfer; industrialization; and Africa's economic development. 
Courses offered: The institute offers a range of academic programs. Among them are:
  • Bachelors in Environment and Agricultural Development; Gender and Project Management; Migration and Refugee Studies;
  • Masters in Environment and Natural Resources Management and Agriculture and Development;
  • MBAs in areas such as Supply Chain Management;
  • Diplomas in Gender Analysis, Planning and Development, and Human Resources and Management.