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SENEGAL - Institut Universitaire de l'Entreprise et du Développement

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Institut Universitaire de l'Entreprise et du Développement (ED)
Villa N 41
Mermoz Pyrotechnique
Cité Keur Gorgui
Phone: +33 824 29 68
About the university: ED's mission of the Institute, founded in 2014, is to contribute to economic development of Senegal by diversifying the offer of university education programmes in the country. IUED prepares experts for a variety of careers in the private sector, non-governmental and international organizations in the areas of enterprise management and management of development. Its educational approach is based on a combination of academic knowledge and field experience consisting of in-company internships, field visits and case studies. An enterprise incubator is also available to help students develop the necessary entrepreneurial and leadership competencies and provide personalized coaching. The courses are delivered by a mixture of academics and practitioners specialized in the different fields of study. 
Areas of expertise: Among the main research areas of ED are trade policy formulation, regional economic integration, common currency and the development of trade relations, and non-tariff measures and their impact on trade.
Courses offered: ED offers undergraduate and graduate programmes in areas such as trade policy, export strategy and economic diplomacy; NGO management and design of development projects; econometrics and applied statistics; banks, finance and insurance; hotel and tourism management; or arts management.