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UNCTAD’s Division on Globalization and Development Strategies hosted its second annual “Summer School”in Geneva, from August 26th to 30th, co-organized with the Institute for New Economic Thinking’s (INET) Young Scholars Initiative. The weeklong gathering drew policymakers and scholars of all ages from 40, mostly developing countries.

Summer School 2019 focused on current threats to the multilateral system and also proposed a way forward, in the form of a “Global Green New Deal”. Participants discussed a range of issues, including: the evolution of UNCTAD’s role in the promotion of a development-friendly multilateral system; corporate rentierism; international trade; global value chains; digital economies; and, not least, the Global Green New Deal and its implications for, among others, financial regulation, social equality, climate change, and employment.


The Vi captured highlights from the week and also conducted interviews with two of the expert guest lecturers, as well as with several young scholars. First, we asked Professor Kevin Gallagher of Boston University:


What is the so-called Global Green New Deal? 



What is the collaboration between UNCTAD and Boston University on the development of a Global Green New Deal? 



What are some of the big obstacles that nations must overcome in order to implement a Global Green New Deal? 



And where will the money come for implementing a Global Green New Deal? 



Next, we discussed the worsening impact of climate change and other environmental crises with Laurie Laybourn-Langton of the London-based Institute for Public Policy Research.



Could the Global Green New Deal be a solution to the world’s environmental woes? 



And what are two big sources of hope for resolving such challenges, according to Mr. Laybourn-Langton?



Finally, we chatted with some of the young scholars who participated in Summer School. Their enthusiasm and passion for tackling development challenges, as well as their diversity of backgrounds and views, was a sight to behold—in a world where much is going wrong, these bright young people offered a welcome reminder that there is still plenty to be hopeful for.



If you want to watch all the morning lectures of the School, please follow us on our Youtube channel. You can also download the lecture slides here.  


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