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In early October, the Virtual Institute had the privilege of hearing Ann Pettifor, one of the intellectual architects of the Green New Deal, speak at UNCTAD’s Trade and Development Board Meetings. Pettifor, who serves as director of the U.K-based Policy Research in Macroeconomics, focused her remarks on the need to adopt a Global Green New Deal to pull up the people and cool down the planet, as UNCTAD unveiled its new flagship report, “Financing a Global Green New Deal”.


The Virtual Institute also sat down, one-on-one, with Pettifor to learn more about the evolution of the Green New Deal. Here are some highlights:


How Pettifor and a small group of colleagues in England dreamed up the Green New Deal around her dinner table during the winter of 2007–08.



The core principles of the Green New Deal—and why green bean vegetables matter.



Why the Green New Deal failed to take off initially, and why its popularity has more recently soared—especially in the U.S., with nearly all 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls endorsing it in full or in part.


The differences between the Green New Deal, as originally conceived, and the Global Green New Deal, as articulated in Pettifor’s 2019 book, “The Case for the Green New Deal”


The way forward for legislating and implementing a Global Green New Deal.