The Institute of Economics of the University of Campinas (UNICAMP) hosted an international meeting 16-18 April, in which the Brazilian Keynesian Association was founded.

In Brazil -- as in other Latin American countries, where the seminal contribution of Raúl Prebisch has left its mark -- Keynesianism was very early integrated with development concerns. Both Keynes and Prebisch thought that the economic system is not self-adjusting, and that public policies must be devised to increase employment and improve income and wealth distribution. The Association hopes to honor this tradition.

The meeting opened with a presentation by Professor Paul Davidson (editor of the Journal of Post Keynesian Economics), in which he stressed the revolutionary character of Keynes' General Theory.

Other distinguished foreign scholars attended the conference: professors John McCombie and Philip Arestis (Cambridge, UK), Júlio Lopez Gallardo (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México), Roberto Frenkel (CEDES-Buenos Aires), Dominique Plihon (University of Paris-Villetaneuse) and Edwin Le Heron (University of Bordeaux and President of the ADEK - Association for the Development of Keynesian Studies).

The conference's call for papers sparked great interest in the field, as more than 80 papers were submitted, of which 38 were presented during the meeting.

The Association will have its next meeting in the second semester of 2009. An international call for papers will be issued.

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