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Vi members in the Western Asian region are invited to apply for the next UNCTAD Course on International Economic Issues to be held in Manama, Bahrain, from October 26 to November 13.

Since 2006, about 25 Vi members have taken part in the courses, originally designed exclusively for government officials in ministries and trade-related institutions.


The current course, taking place in Minsk, Belarus, June 23 - July 11, counts with the participation of five Vi members from the region (four from Belarus, one from Russia), including Belarus State Economic University's Vi member coordinator, Alena Petrushkevich, who contributes as resource person to the module on foreign direct investment and enterprise development.

The course -- to be delivered in English -- will focus on the links between trade, investment, finance and development in the context of international trade negotiations. The deadline for applications is August 28.


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