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The UNCTAD Virtual Institute and the Work Programme on International Investment Agreements (IIAs) are organizing a workshop on the Teaching and Research of International Investment Agreements.

Based on the Vi's teaching material on Legal and Economic Aspects of IIAs, the workshop has been designed for academic and research institutions in English-speaking developing, and particularly least developed, countries in Africa.

Deadline for applications is September 22.

The workshop is sponsored by the Government of Spain, and organized in cooperation with Vi's Ugandan member, Makerere University Business School.

The objectives of the programme seek to enhance participants' understanding of foreign direct investment (FDI) and in particular the International Investment Agreements, while discussing the integration of the teaching materials in the university's classrooms. In addition, discussions will identify topical policy-oriented research questions and methodologies that could be used to address them, as well as the ways of communicating research to policymakers.

Discussions will be held about topical policy-oriented research questions in the area, research methodologies, links between research and policymaking and the ways of using the knowledge and material acquired at the workshop in courses at the participants' universities and the participants' research work.

Participants will also be asked to present their own research and teaching work, as well as information about FDI and IIAs in their countries.

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