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The Vi and Spain's Fundación Centro de Educación a Distancia para el Desarrollo Económico y Tecnológico (CEDDET) have agreed to collaborate on a pilot activity to develop and deliver an English version of the course "Instrumentos Jurídicos de las Relaciones Económicas Internacionales" (Legal Instruments of International Economic Relations) directed by Vi Spanish member coordinator, Ramón Torrent.

The content of the original course will be updated, adapted to a "global" audience and translated into English by end-December 2009. The course will be delivered using the CEDDET's methodology in the first semester of 2010.
Course participants will consist of government officials and academics, with Vi members entitled to participate free of charge. As published in last quarter's newsletters, UB had already arranged to waive tuition fees for seven Vi members who participated in the original (Spanish version) course.

This activity is made possible by funding from the Government of Spain.

For more information, visit the CEDDET website (in Spanish).