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altFollowing the successful videoconference presentation of the Trade and Development Report (TDR) 2009 for Brazil, UNCTAD's Alfredo Calcagno again joined the Virtual Institute (Vi) on 23 November to share the report with the Chilean Vi core member, the University of Chile.

The videoconference, moderated by Vi Chief, Vlasta Macku, and Vi member coordinator, Felipe Muñoz, was attended by professors and students from the university and the Diplomatic Academy of Chile. Andrés Lamoliatte, representative of the Permanent Mission of Chile in Geneva, welcomed participants and expressed his appreciation for the videoconferences, which bring together the Vi and its university members.

Calcagno, Senior Economic Affairs Officer at UNCTAD's Division of Globalization and Development Strategies, focused his presentation on the causes, progression and consequences of the current global financial crisis, emphasizing the need for fundamental reforms at the national and international levels.

Having to pay for the consequences of a crisis that was caused by others is a side effect of globalization, Calcagno said, as he advocated coordinated action at the regional level, as a temporary alternative to complex, lengthy international reform. Specifically, he suggested that Latin American countries reinforce national and regional markets in order to compensate for the fall in international demand.

Calcagno also addressed the issue of climate change, stressing the need for governments to implement structural reforms of their production and consumption modes. He added that the World Trade Organization could likewise facilitate the proliferation of environmentally friendly technologies through a flexible interpretation of Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS).