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altFrom 17 to 18 September, Vi Core University Member, the Latin American School of Social Sciences (FLACSO) in Argentina, conducted a seminar on "Intellectual Property, Society, and Development: non-conforming lectures" for experts from different fields of study. The event was organized by the Master of Intellectual Property programme at FLASCO and supported by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation, and the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI).

The two-day event was opened by Miguel Lengyel, Director at FLASCO and an active Vi member. Eduardo Pérez, Mario R. Aramburu and Ruth Ladenheim welcomed the participants and presented the overall objective of the seminar. Pérez said that the seminar aimed at creating a multidisciplinary space to elaborate on the dilemmas generated by a dynamic reality. Aramburu pointed out that intellectual property could be viewed in two ways: as an economic law that benefits some, or in relation to its social significance. In order to encompass the complexity of the issue, it is necessary to consider both dimensions, he said.
The seminar comprised eight sessions on copyright and industrial property, considering not the economic and legal aspects but taking into account the perspectives of culture, ethics, arts, and international relations. The first session on the evening of 17 September focused on "Intellectual property, the public domain and the access to genetic resources: the economic perspective", presented by Joseph Vogel from the Universidad de Puerto Rico.
Several presentations took place during the course of the following day. The morning session focused on different industries and included presentations on the following topics:
  • "Technology, culture and intellectual property", presentation by Jose Miguel Onaindia, Julio Raffo and Andrés Torres.
  • "Trademark law – Measures at the borders", presentation by Miguel O’Farrell and Eli Salis.
  • "The legal dimension of art: photography, collections and intellectual property", presentation by Juan Travnik, Graciela Peiretti and Florencia Braga Menéndez.
  • "Ethic dilemmas of knowledge and science. A look from the perspective of intellectual property", presentation by Florencia Luna, Ana Maria Spadafora  and Mariela Borgarello.
The afternoon session concentrated on development and globalization, and featured the following presentations:
  • "The discussion about development: innovation and intellectual property", presentation by Mario Cimoli.
  • "The globalization of intellectual property standards", presentation by Vanesa Lowenstein, Mariano Zukerfeld and Valentina Delich.
The seminar was concluded with a session on "The new development institutions and the position of intellectual property," presented by Joseph Vogel, Mario Cimoli and Miguel Lengyel.
The seminar evolved as a forum for exchange between experts from different disciplines (law, sociology, anthropology, international relations, philosophy, arts and culture), creating a climate of dialogue, reflection and respect. It was appreciated as an open space for different lectures on intellectual property, society and development.
For more information (in Spanish), visit the news section of the university.