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altPedro Rossi, from core Brazilian member, the University of Campinas (UNICAMP), is the 11th Latin American lecturer to benefit from a Government of Spain-sponsored Vi fellowship.

An Assistant Lecturer and Researcher at the Centre for Economic Trends and Policy Research of UNICAMP's Institute of Economics, Rossi devoted his four-week fellowship (April 19 - May 14) to analysis on "Trade finance and financial flows' impacts on exchange rates." This research, part of his PhD dissertation, also served as the basis for an article submitted to UNCTAD's Public Symposium, which this year addressed countries' responses to the financial crisis.

"I had perfect work conditions," Rossi said. "I discussed with UNCTAD staff specialized in my research area, and had access to databases and UNCTAD meetings where broad discussion on several issues were taking place."

Rossi's work was supported by UNCTAD experts Alfredo Calcagno and Katie Chen from the Division of Globalization and Development Strategies; Massimiliano La Marca from the Division for Africa, Least Developed Countries and Special Programmes; Adriano Timossi, from the Office of the Secretary General; and Vlasta Macku and Piergiuseppe Fortunato of the Virtual Institute.

The research undertaken during his fellowship will serve as the basis for further analysis, as the topic is particularly opportune in view of the economic and development discussions taking place in Brazilian academic and political circles at the moment. Rossi also plans to use his newly acquired knowledge to contribute to the work of UNICAMP's "Observatory of Global Economy," which aims at discussing trends of the global economy and its impact on Brazil, especially regarding the consequences of economic and financial crisis.