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altThe World Trade Institute of the University of Bern is once again offering a 25 percent discount for Vi members participating in its weekly Master's modules and its summer academy.

The Master of International Law and Economics (MILE) is the flagship programme of the World Trade Institute. The programme combines a multidisciplinary perspective with a strong applied focus. 

This year's edition of WTI's Summer Academy, covers important current topics in international trade, from rule-making in investment to the relationship between domestic and foreign policies and the links between trade and climate change mitigation.

MILE courses consist of lectures and case studies, offering students opportunities for classroom discussions, group workshops, and individual research. The modules allow flexible “à la carte” learning for purposes of continuing education or specialised training.

This term, running from January to March, will offer the following courses:

  • Non-Discrimination in International Economic Law: January 4-6
  • International Trade I: January 10-14
  • International Trade II: January 17-19
  • Tariffs and Non-Tariff Barriers: January 24-27
  • Regional Integration: January 31 - February 3
  • Dispute Settlement: February 7-10
  • Intellectual Property Rights I: February 15-18
  • Intellectual Property Rights II: February 21-24
  • Trade in Services: March 3-10
  • Trade Remedies I: March 14-18
  • Trade Remedies II: March 21-24

For more information about these courses and those for the term running April to June, take a look at the programme's prospectus. Applications may be downloaded from WTI's website.

WTI's 9th Summer Academy on International Trade and Investment Regulation, scheduled for July 4 to August 5, will offer the following weekly courses: 

  • The Substance of International Investment Law: July 4-8
  • Settling Investment Disputes - Recent Trends and the Way Forward: July 11-15
  • Introduction to the World Trading System: July 18-22
  • Trade and Climate Change: July 25-29
  • The Political Economy of Trade: August 1-5
Among the experts lecturing at the Academy this year are WTI's Vi member coordinator, Pierre Sauvé, Anna Joubin-Bret, of UNCTAD's Division on Investment, Technology and Enterprise, and Patrick Low, of Vi partner, the World Trade Organization.
For more information, download the prospectus, or visit the programme's website at http://www.wti.org/.