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In May 2009, thanks to the possibility for networking and interacting offered by the 4th meeting of the Virtual Institute of UNCTAD, the delegates from Belarus State Economic University (Minsk), Alena Petrushkevich and from Bocconi University (Milan), Michele Barbieri, started a fruitful cooperation.

Since June 2009, they have been involved in the working group for the reform of the investment code of the Republic of Belarus established by the Belarusian Ministry of Economy and in August, to which they have been submitted a document containing several suggestions for the improvement of the investment code.

The document has been carefully taken into consideration and a special certificate has been issued by the Ministry of Economy recognizing the importance of the consultancy provided for by Petrushkevich and Barbieri. Moreover they have been requested to continue their cooperation with the Ministry of Economy on this issue.  

In addition, the analysis and the proposals formulated by Petrushkevich and Barbieri in relation to the reform of the investment code have been the object of two articles: the first has been published in the December issue of the Bank Bulletin Magazine with the title of “Streamlining the Law on Foreign Investments Protection in the Republic of Belarus” (http://www.nbrb.by/bv), and the second, with the working title, “Attracting FDI to Promote Development in Belarus: Proposals for some Reforms of the Legal Framework” has already passed peer review and is going to be issued in the next few months in the Belarusian Economic Journal.

In November and December 2009, Barbieri was invited in Minsk, where he had the opportunity to participate in the 6th Investment and Economic Forum of The Republic of Belarus. During his stay at the Belarus State Economic University he delivered six lectures on International and European Investment law, a conference on Sovereign Wealth Funds, and a lecture, in Italian, on European and Italian economy, politics and institutions.

Throughout his stay in Minsk, Barbieri actively participated in fruitful debates and exchanges of views with several members of the faculty, in particular with Prof. Shmarloyskaya, the Dean of the faculty of International Economic Relations, Prof. Sanko, the Head of the department of the World Economy, Prof. Mazol, Prof. Shkutsko, Assistant Prof. Lisitsa,  and Assistant Prof. Santarovich.

Dr. Barbieri is also providing advice for the organization at the Belarus State Economic University  of a Master Degree on international trade and policy, to be taught entirely in English, and for the establishment, with the support of European Union institutions, of teaching of European Union law, economics and policies at the Belarus State Economic University.