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The Metropolitan University Prague (MUP) has joined the Virtual Institute, bringing the number of core members (and countries represented in the Vi) to 34.
The Vi membership application from MUP came to us thanks to the Permanent Mission of the Czech Republic in Geneva, which took interest in the Vi's work and saw a potential benefit for the country in participating in the Virtual Institute.

MUP, one of the first private universities established in the country (2001), offers a variety of degrees in international relations, business, trade and law. Among them are BSc in international business; industrial law (focus on IPRs); international relations and European studies; and international trade; and MSc. in international business; international relations and European studies; regional studies and international trade; and industrial property. MUP also has PhD programmes in international relations and European studies, and international and regional relations in industrial property. Some programmes are offered in English, and the university also provides preparatory classes of Czech as a foreign language for students from abroad.
The research conducted by the university touches upon development economics, international economic relations, and regional studies - MUP is particularly interested in issues relating to developing countries. In this context, the topic of the current research is the analysis of structural changes in Asian economies: an international conference entitled "The rise of Asian economies in international trade" will be held on 20 May 2011 and a book on the issue is planned for publication by the end of the year.
Almost 30 full-time academics are involved in teaching and researching the above issues in MUP's departments of international trade (which hosts a research centre for studies of international economic relations), and industrial property (which hosts one of the top Czech entities dealing with industrial law, the Centre for legal protection of industrial law).
The participation of the university in the Vi will be coordinated by Tereza Nemeckova, head of the Centre for Studies of International Economic Relations. Nemeckova holds a PhD in European studies, with orientation on development and developing countries, which also represent her main area of research. She teaches courses related to development economics, international economic relations, and social business in developing countries.
Another colleague, Dr. Lenka Adamcova, deputy head of the international trade department, will also be involved in the cooperation with the Virtual Institute. Adamcova's research interest lies in the area of development economics, development policies and economic integration, and she is responsible for course in international economics, development economics, international economic relations, and economies of East and South-East Asia.
MUP is interested in establishing long-term cooperation not only with the Vi, but also the interested members from developing countries, with the objective of sharing curricular information, exchanging staff, establishing cooperation among PhD students and undertaking joint research projects. Their main areas of interest for such cooperation are theories of international trade (new geography of international trade), trade and poverty, development strategies, structural changes in developing economies (with special focus on industrial development), social business, industrial law, patent law and IP-related dispute settlement.
For more information, take a look at the university profile.