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The Vi Colombian network has admitted a new member, Universidad EAN, bringing the number of universities associated with the Virtual Institute to a new country record of 15. 

Universidad EAN is a business-oriented school with 41 years of experience in training professionals that are able to create, develop and manage their companies in a challenging national and international business environment. To this end, the university offers undergraduate and graduate programmes in business administration, international business, economics, as well as financial, logistics and technology management. Active teaching methods based on case studies are used to help students develop relevant business skills.

A particular strength of the university lies in its e-learning programmes and the use of virtual platforms to support the process of academic training.  Their graduate programme in business administration has been awarded an international accreditation from the Association of Collegiate Business Schools.  

Research activities at EAN are structured around four main areas: entrepreneurship and management; science, innovation and technology; communication, politics and culture (including social responsibility); and contemporary pedagogy and didactics. The university has also developed research on free trade agreements and on foreign direct investment.
Universidad EAN's participation in the Virtual Institute will be coordinated by Luis Olmedo Figueroa Delgado, Director of the International Business Program. He is responsible for courses related to the economic environment for business, international business, inter-cultural negotiation strategies and financial management, and is also interested in international finance, foreign investment and export/import and logistics.
Another colleague, Leonardo Holguin Muñoz, Assistant Professor at the same program, will also be involved in the cooperation with the Virtual Institute. His interest is in the area of export/import and logistics, international business, cross-cultural business, supply chain management and business models for global value chains.
For more information, visit the university's profile.