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altWith the aim of enriching and complementing students’ learning experience, the Virtual Institute this year organized a second study tour for its core Chinese member, Beijing's University of International Business and Economics (UIBE), September 26-30. 

All 26 undergraduate and graduate students appreciated the various presentations given by experts from UNCTAD, and Vi partner organizations, the World Trade Organization, the International Trade Centre and the World Intellectual Property Organization. Topics covered post-crisis policy challenges; Foreign Direct Investment (FDI); South-South cooperation; climate change; transport; corporate social responsibility; dispute settlement; market analysis; and intellectual property rights, among others.
Overall, 18 sessions on international trade, law, investment and development, with a special focus on China, filled the group’s week in Geneva. The students also had the opportunity to meet with the Ambassador and delegates of the Permanent Mission of China to the WTO, who shared their experience on trade negotiations.
The programme included a simulation exercise on FDI prepared by UNCTAD experts, Kalman Kalotay (Division on Investment and Enterprise) and Michael Lim (Division on Technology and Logistics), where the students took on the role of ministry officials providing advice to the president on a foreign company's offer to invest in the country.
“The exercise is fantastic, and we learned a lot after doing the work,” said one of the participants. 
“It really stimulate[s] our passion for [this] discussion and during this process we can get much knowledge about the subject,” added another. "It’s [an] honour to learn from experts of UNCTAD, there is no better than that."