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The Vi arranged a visit to the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) from foreign direct investment (FDI) expert, Masataka Fujita, of UNCTAD's Division on Investment and Enterprise, October 6, in support of the university's course on International Economics.

The visit included a lecture on key FDI trends covered in the latest UNCTAD World Investment Report (WIR) for 60 lecturers and students in the schools of international economics, international relations and applied economy and commerce.

Vi videoconference presentations of the WIR have become an integrated part of the teaching process over the past four years, since MGIMO joined the Vi network. This year, the tradition of videoconferencing was broken in favour of the precious chance to have a leading expert on FDI  at MGIMO.

Fujita's lecture covered global and regional trends in FDI, investment policy, and  the role of transnational corporations (TNC) in the world economy --  with special emphasis on state-owned TNCs. His presentation of the WIR 2011, "Non-Equity Modes of International Production and Development," set the report's findings against the background of transtition economies.

The last topic covered by Fujita,  challenges for  countries in Central Eastern Europe (CEE) and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), was most interesting for students, and provoked discussion on the future of FDI in the CIS in terms of the financial crisis and the region's prospects for recovery. 

The discussion on this hot topic of world economic development did not end at the bell – during the break teachers and students used this unique chance to get first-hand answers on specific issues in investment policy. Some of the students also used the opportunity to discuss the topics in Japanese.

Fujita said he was impressed by the students' level of knowledge in international economics and the Japanese language.