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Building knowledge for trade and development


The Vi organized a videoconference based on UNCTAD's latest Trade and Development Report (TDR) to support the University of Jordan's international trade and international finance courses. Nearly 60 students and lecturers participated in the virtual discussion, held December 8.

Presenting the findings of the TDR was one of its authors, Diana Barrowclough, of the Division on Globalization and Development Strategies. Vi member coordinator, Taleb Awad moderated the exchange.

The presentation triggered a lively discussion between UNCTAD´s expert and the Jordanian students. The questions related to monetary and fiscal policies (“What exchange rate policies should developing countries pursue to stabilize their economies?” and “If fiscal consolidation policies do not help, what should developing countries do?”), wage policies (“Can the declining share of wages in GDP lead to political and social instability?” and “How to link wages to productivity?”) or trade issues (“What is the future of the international trading system?”, “Does the export-led strategy not work for developing countries because it ignores inequalities in income distribution?” and “How can developing countries protect themselves from external trade and financial shocks?”).

"Many thanks to you, since without your efforts and cooperation such fruitful activity would not be possible," writes Awad. "My students were pleased about the lecture and the interaction with the wonderful lecturer, Diana.

"Thank UNCTAD for making such a useful activity possible."