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altThe Centre for International Cooperation and Development (Center za Mednarodno Sodelovanje in Razvoj - CMSR) from Slovenia - the first Vi think tank member from a transition economy -  has joined our network.
CMSR is an independent non-profit research and advisory institution working in the field of international economic relations. It was jointly established by the Republic of Slovenia and the Slovene Export and Development Bank. Eleven staff members currently support CMSR activities.

Research and analysis is one of the three areas of CMSR's work, the other two being the facilitation of economic relations with Slovenia and the implementation of a part of the country's bilateral development assistance (ODA) activities.
The research conducted by CMSR focuses on economic and political development in selected countries, in particular outlooks; country risk assessments; analyses of bilateral cooperation and strategies for its enhancement; and international development assistance.
Darja Zlogar, researcher at CMSR, will act as coordinator of her institution's cooperation with the Virtual Institute.  Her background is in international economics and business and, at CMSR, she works on analyses of political and economic developments in various countries and their economic cooperation with Slovenia. She is also responsible for the revision and update of the CMSR's Country Risk Assessment Methodology and for monitoring the developments within the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, with emphasis on the Clean Development Mechanism.
CMSR is interested in establishing new contacts and cooperation with the Vi network members in the areas of its research work, getting feedback on its research, and access to research papers of other institutions. They are also ready to share their research and competence, including with regard to the country risk assessment methodology.
For more information, take a look at CMSR's profile.