Adérito Notico, of Vi core member Eduardo Mondlane University in Maputo, conducted research on agricultural exports during his stay at UNCTAD from October 7 to November 16.

Under the guidance of Aimable Uwizeye-Mapendano, from the Division on International Trade in Goods and Services and Commodities, Notico prepared an outline for a study on "Options for Maximization of Mozambican Agricultural Exports Revenues."

Notico says Uwizeye-Mapendano not only pointed him to data sources and methodological approaches, but also introduced him to experts from whom he gained a better understanding of the complexity of agricultural sector problems.

"The possibility of having shared my points of view with researchers from African, Asian, European and Pacific countries was a very important experience I take with me back home," Notico said. "..(T)he possibility of regular consultations with all the researchers, interns, and staff of the UN is one proof of the important role of the Virtual Institute in building and strengthening connections between educational institutions, governments and researchers for capacity building and better integrated understanding of international trade on commodities and (other) matters.

"Through the Virtual Institute fellowships it’s possible to encourage university partnerships and south-north-south cooperation," he added.