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altThe European Policy Centre (EPC), a European think tank based in Brussels, an independent, not-for-profit think tank specializing in European integration, has joined the Virtual Institute. 

EPC works with multiple constituencies - its members are companies, professional and business federations, trade unions, diplomatic missions, regional and local bodies, as well as NGOs representing a broad range of civil society interests, foundations, international and religious organizations. 

The aim of EPC is to promote a balanced dialogue between its constituencies, which span all aspects of economic and social life. With a staff of 22, the Centre provides timely and high-quality information and analysis of the EU and global policy agenda.
Among the main areas of research undertaken by EPC are: European integration; European politics and institutions; European political economy; EU external economic relations; European migration and diversity; and EU foreign policy, including work on development issues from an EU perspective.
Josef Janning, EPC's Director of Studies, will act as coordinator of his institution's cooperation with the Virtual Institute. Janning is a political scientist who has written numerous publications, articles, comments and reviews on European and international affairs, East-West and Mediterranean issues, security policy, transatlantic relations and global affairs. Previously, he headed research groups on applied policy research and on European affairs at various German universities.
EPC is interested in expanding its expert networks and outreach activities through the participation in the Virtual Institute. It offers to provide its papers and publications to the members of the network, bring expertise on EU-relevant international issues, and connect Virtual Institute members to its wide network of EU institutions and actors, think tanks and EU-focused NGOs. Finally, it could host fellows working on issues relevant to EPC's programme, and become a partner in EU-focused and Brussels- based conferences and events.
We are happy to welcome EPC to the Virtual Institute network and look forward to our future cooperation.
For more information, take a look at their profile on the Vi site.